Clinical Expressive Arts Trainings

* Our workshops are available as in person experiential trainings or as online modified VIRTUAL experiential trainings through Zoom.

Participants that attend our clinical trainings learn through personal experience. We will travel to your agency or place of work to facilitate these trainings if you have a group interested in incorporating expressive tools into their clinical practice. See below for clinical trainings we have facilitated. We are also willing to tailor a training to specifically fit your place of interest or population upon request.

*Non-clinical training: We are also able to tailor a topic/theme of the workshops below to your audience if they are not master's level clinicians. We will offer introductory teaching with research, experiential exercises, and materials exploration for your group.

We offer 3 hour or 6 hour trainings, weekend and week long training retreat experiences. Email us for pricing based on location and number of people in your group.

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Clinical trainings offered:

  • Introduction to Art and Music Therapy in Clinical Practice​

  • Connecting the Heart & Mind: Expressive Tools to Increase Self-Compassion

  • Creative Self-Care for the Helping Professional

  • Embodied Expression: Expressive Tools to Increase Grounding, Mindfulness & Presence

  • Expressive Tools for Anxiety

  • Expressive Tools for Grief

  • Expressive Tools for Healing Trauma

  • Expressive Tools to Support Recovery

  • Expressive Tools for Clinical Group Work

  • Expressive Tools with Seniors

  • Expressive Tools with Families

  • Expressive Tools to Help Eating Disorders

  • Ethical Considerations for Professionals Incorporating Expressive Tools into Clinical Practice



"I was interested in joining an Expressive Wellness offering for a few years, but I was unable to attend because I live across the country. When Bodhi and Kate offered a virtual group at first I was hesitant to join, but I decided I needed to take advantage of the opportunity. I’m so glad that I did because I had an amazing experience! I have worked hard over the years to heal old wounds and gain perspective on past traumas. Although I am proud of the work I have done, I still felt an emptiness that I didn’t know how to fill. With these creative tools I learned I discovered pieces of myself that I didn’t know where missing. The emptiness I felt has been filled with the creative tools that Bodhi and Kate taught me over the last six weeks. I feel an inner peace and joy that I didn’t know was possible. Thank you Bodhi and Kate, I am forever grateful!"


"Kate and Bodhi are very talented trainers, I loved them!  This was an excellent training, I will be using several of the experiential exercises that I learned for myself and in my work with my clients, they were that well taught. I really enjoyed the time for self-reflection as well."

"This Expressive Wellness workshop series was such a joy to experience!! Bodhi and Kate are gifted teachers; kind and sensitive, knowledgeable, experienced and clear. Through this series I was able to do my own deep work of increasing my self-awareness and experiencing my own transformation using these new modalities. Now that I have had this experience I feel more competent to share art and music with my clients, too! Thank you so much for this wonderful training!!"

"I really enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to practice these expressive tools. I now understand and respect the importance of experiencing these tools before using them with my clients. I feel so much more prepared."

"Excellent workshop series! Each session was chock full of rich, creative and very practical ideas and strategies for fostering exploration of feelings and promoting mind/body/spirit wellness. I came away from each session feeling uplifted and eager to continue the creative practices on my own during the week as well as to share them with my clients. Each practice that I shared with my clients was well received and I was struck by how easy the ideas were to implement. I hope to continue my daily singing and art-making. I loved watching Kate and Bodhi's collaboration blending art and music - very inspiring! They both have a warm, welcoming, inviting presence that made the learning process flow so smoothly. I really don't know how this series could have been any better, thank you!"

"This workshop was very helpful both professionally and personally. The expressive tools that were taught were very comfortable and accessible. I enjoyed the opportunity to explore my own emotions in such a unique, more physical way. I was able to dive so deep so quickly. Also witnessing the process of others during this workshop was very inspiring!"

Organizations and Events Kate & Bodhi have collaborated with:


  • The Creative Health! Conference

  • The Self-Compassion Symposium

  • Co-occurring Collaborative Serving Maine

  • New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association

  • Work First, Inc